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Commercial Masonry Services

Aden Masonry, Inc

Aden Masonry, Inc. has several decades of experience in block, brick, and stone masonry.  We specialize in Commercial, Educational, Institutional, and Medical/Science Facilities.  AMI has the expertise and logistics you can rely on, no matter how big or small the project may be.  

Block and brick masonry have several advantages.  They’re strong, durable, and resistant to weather, fire, and termites.  It also has great thermal insulation properties.  They stand the test of time while still being cost effective.

Masonry Experts

Our team has experience working on all types of masonry projects using masonry materials including, brick, block, natural and manufactured stone, and precast concrete.  We commit the expertise we’ve gained from being in business for over 30 years to constructing your project safely, within budget, and on time.

  • Brick

  • Block

  • Glass Block

  • Stone

  • Architectural Precast

  • Brick Veneer

  • CMU Block

  • Cultured Stone

Pre Construction Planning

At AMI all our estimating is done in-house.  Delivering precise project costs in advance is a skill that we have developed and honed over our many years of experience.  We have a proven track record of delivering accurate estimates to our valuable clients in a timely manner.

Project Construction

A key part of our success is our shop/yard team.  They handle everything from managing and maintenance of equipment, to making sure that each and every job has all the needed hand tools, safety equipment, and miscellaneous goods. Our ample supply of mortar mixers, grout pumps, block and brick saws and other necessary equipment ensures our ability to complete your masonry project, whether large or small.