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Aden Masonry, Inc

Aden Masonry, Inc. is proud to have served Eastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon with quality masonry services since 1989. Aden Masonry, Inc. (AMI) is a Washington Corporation, held by principal owners Daniel and Laurie Aden.

In 1945, Daniel’s father Gerhard “Sam” Aden established Aden Masonry builders in Riverton, Wyoming.  Sam learned the masonry trade after returning from WWII and participating in an after-war training school located by his hometown of Lincoln Nebraska.  Dan’s parents relocated their masonry business to the Tri-Cities area in 1969.

Since 1989

Daniel Aden learned the masonry trade from his father.  He served an apprenticeship with the Bricklayer’s Local #3 from 1977-1980.  In 1989, Dan and Laurie purchased Aden Masonry Builders from Sam, and endeavored to continue providing the quality masonry work that had long since been established.  In 1996, Dan and Laurie incorporated their business, renaming it Aden Masonry, Inc., as it continues today.


During the past 30+years that Dan and Laurie have been involved with the masonry business, many aspects of this industry have changed.  These include a sophistication in the materials used and the specialization of needed equipment, an increased awareness in safety, and an updated approach to both estimating and the accounting needed in today’s market.


AMI is proud of our innovative, hardworking, and highly skilled workforce.  We are known for high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail on every project.  AMI’s goal is to consistently exceed expectations and maintain our reputation for excellence.