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Aden Masonry, Inc

At AMI we are committed to constantly improving our safety practices.  Safety is our highest priority and we strive to have zero injuries and reduce exposure to risks every single day.  We utilize jobsite inspections, project-specific safety plans, and exposure control plans to help maintain our excellent safety record.  

AMI provides experienced job site supervision to ensure consistent, worry-free construction.  We employee well trained craftsman to complete every project with knowledge and attention to detail.  We instill safety awareness in our work routines to ensure our employees return home safety every day.


Aden Masonry’s commitment to safety is evident in the types of equipment we mobilize to each job site.  We maintain one of the highest ratios of power units to personnel in Southeastern Washington.  Hydro-Mobile scaffolding was chosen for its excellent safety and ergonomic record.  We utilize the M1, M2 and P series units and accessories.


AMI has an extensive inventory of Safway scaffolding and exclusive use of laminated planking, due to its high strength and durability. Our shop/yard team is consistently working to ensure every job has the needed tools and safety equipment and keeps them in top condition.